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MMC’s Head & Shoulders Team Lands An EOnline Exclusive


Image Courtesy:

The MMC Head & Shoulders team secured an exclusive with for the launch of the brand’s new “Mom Knows Best” TV spot starring Sofia Vergara and her son Manolo. In November 2013, the brand partnered with Sofia and her family for a unique campaign that showcased the gorgeous, flake-free hair of 8 out of 9 Vergaras – all of whom use Head & Shoulders! This is the third ad that Sofia and her family have been a part of since the partnership began. The article includes behind-the-scenes footage of Sofia on-set and describes Sofia as “#blessed” for having “long, gorgeous locks” — we couldn’t agree more!

For more information, check out Head & Shoulders on Facebook  and follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter and Instagram.

MMC and Venus Have Moves Like No Other


Image Courtesy: Elisa Negrin

Culminating from over five years of research and tested on over 7,000 legs, Gillette Venus introduces NEW Venus Swirl™ – the first and only razor with FLEXIBALL™ for multi-dimensional movement to navigate tricky areas and contour significantly better on knees and ankles. At the official launch event, MMC and Venus partnered with dancer, actress and artist Julianne Hough, known for having her own moves like no other. Together with global online dance community Dance On, Hough and Dance On brought to life the movement of the razor by helping find the curator of a new dance move, “The Swirl.” MMC hosted media influencers as they watched aspiring dancers compete to have their version of “The Swirl” become the brand’s signature dance move, before learning how to do The Swirl from celebrity dancer and choreographer Jasmine Meakin.

The new Venus Swirl™ razor is available starting this month. Check out the buzz so far on Boston Globe, Huffington Post and or online with #MovesLikeNoOther.

P&G Fabric Care Holds Its Second Annual Future Fabrics Event

P&G and MMC hosted over 120 media and fashion, home and lifestyle influencers at its second annual P&G Future Fabrics event themed around The Fabric of the Senses.


Image Courtesy: Fabric Care

Hosted by style expert George Kotsiopoulos and presenters, Sabine LeChatelier of Premiere Vision, Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California and Director of Research and Development at P&G Margarita Bahri-keeton,  the event brought together the cognitive science of multi-sensory perception and fabric care to explore why we fall out of love with our clothes. Research has shown that women tend to wear only 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time – that’s a lot of unworn clothes in our closets! To help people take their closets from “someday clothes” to “go-to clothes,” P&G unveiled its 3-step FiberScience approach to fabric care – Clean, Protect, Enhance – and how that is expressed through clothing’s Look, Feel and Scent to preserve and improve the multi-sensorial fabric attributes that influence our relationship with clothes.

A new collection of 14 machine-washable looks designed by renowned fashion designer Giles Deacon exclusively for the Tide and Downy brands was also unveiled at the event, further changing attendee’s ideas of what can be washable.

Attendees included outlets like CNN/, InStyle, Family Circle, Teen Vogue,, Elle and Coverage has already started to come through on, via a press release and socially. Follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #PGFutureFabricsNYC!

Venus and MMC Launch “Use Your And” Campaign


Image Courtesy: Venus

Today, Gillette Venus – the world leader in female hair removal –  and MMC are launching the “Use Your And” campaign across the globe to inspire women and girls to stand-up against one-dimensional labels, encouraging them to #UseYourAnd and unleash the innate potential inside all women. All women have “ANDs” – they are the unique qualities, attributes and characteristics that make her who she is – but they often are limited by one-dimensional labels. In fact, a new Global survey led by MMC and Wakefield Research revealed that most women around the world have felt labeled starting as young as 10 years old and nearly half say those labels have had a negative effect on their lives.

To educate women on instances of labeling and realize their potential, MMC coordinated a global partnership with Claudia Chan, Founder of S.H.E. Summit Global Conference & Women’s Empowerment Expert. Claudia’s expertise lies in making empowerment and mentorship available to all women with the belief that if women lead their optimal lives and realize their potential, they will change the world.

To learn about the new campaign, take a look at the The Story Behind Use Your &,  created by MMC. This video complements the new campaign “AND Stand” video launched today, encouraging women to use their ANDs. Both videos feature the re-mastered recording of the Venus brand’s iconic ‘She’s Got It’ song – modernized for the future.

Venus and MMC invite you to share the “AND Stand” video  through social media to inspire other women to reach their full potential.  When you do it, be sure to tell us all about your &’s as well.

Visit  GLAM and Yahoo Beauty to read more.

MMC’s Amber Meredith, Ronna Waldman Score PR News People Awards

Amber Meredith Agency Account Manager of the YearAmber Meredith

Amber Meredith, MD, Deputy Director of MMC Consumer was honored today with the PR News Agency Account Manager of the Year award.  Ronna Waldman, MMC’s Vice President of Broadcast Strategy received the same award in the Media Relations Professional of the Year category.  The PR News award ceremony was held today at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The PR News People Awards showcase top talent, innovators and passionate professionals who make communications matter in the marketplace.  Both Meredith and Waldman demonstrated excellence in client service, leadership, teamwork, financial management and other skills essential for successful communicators.  Both were also honored for their ability to solve problems and approach every task with a “can-do” attitude.

Ronna Waldman Media Relations Professional of the YearRonna Waldman

MMC’s Samara Finn Shares Secrets to Success with GorkanaGroup

GorkanaGroup has published a profile on Samara Finn, MMC’s Senior Vice President and “guru” on all things related to online influencers. Samara Finn


GorkanaGroup is a media database and portal for PR and media professionals.  Samara shares some of her secrets for success, what she reads in the morning, her advice for the next generation of communicators and what her guiltiest pleasure is. 


The GorkanaGroup website has the full story.

MMC’s Kristen Tully Published in Yahoo! Travel About Her Visit to Meet She’s the First Scholars

Kristen Tully

Kristen with Starfish Scholars

(Image Courtesy: Kristen Tully)

Kristen Tully had the opportunity last month to travel 2,000 miles to Guatemala to meet some of the scholars MMC supports through She’s the First, which sponsors girls’ education in low-income countries to create first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders. She attended a secondary school graduation for these rural indigenous girls; a seminal milestone considering  they live In a country where only 14 percent of rural girls finish the sixth grade. Along the way, she learned how to make tortillas, fly a giant kite and even zipline.  And her advice to people who want to help others?  “Don’t ever underestimate your contributions, as small as you may think they are. Every little contribution we make adds up to something.”

Now there’s some good advice for #GivingTuesday!

You can read the full story on Yahoo! Travel here.



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