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MMC Helps Depend Brand Raise Underwareness

A010_C011_07104S 0000965Image courtesy of Depend

One in four Americans* experience bladder leakage. Depend brand launched “Drop Your Pants for Underwareness,” its largest effort to date to help break down the stigma of the issue and support the millions of people who have it.

To help raise Underwareness, MMC and Depend scored two discussions about the campaign on the TODAY Show in less than a week. TODAY Show’s Willie Geist sent out this tweet, which led to the first segment and social posts from the show on Twitter and Facebook.  Kathie Lee Gifford discussed the campaign with co-host Hoda Kotb a few days later.

The Depend brand continued to ignite the movement with Drop Your Pants and Dance for Underwareness, a concert headlined by alt-dance group Capital Cities at Pier 97 in New York City. The concert attracted nearly 3,000 attendees (many of whom dropped their pants and donned Depend Underwear), including media from top entertainment and lifestyle websites such as Celebrity.

Finally, Depend brand partnered with celebrity talk show host and comedienne Sheryl Underwood, who has bladder leakage and wears Depend Underwear every day, to tell her personal story in an inspirational online video.  Last week, MMC coordinated a media day with Sheryl who explained why she stands up for and dropped her pants for Underwareness to top-tier outlets like Huffington Post Live, Essence magazine and Women’s Health, among others.

Check out the online buzz with #DropYourPants and #Underwareness and visit for more information.

*between the ages of 20 and 85

MMC’s Nicole Kaldes Featured in MediaDailyNews

media daily newsprint reports

MMC’s Nicole Kaldes suggests print journalists consider re-inventing themselves as content creators in today’s MediaDailyNews.  Given the rise in brand journalism by brands like Asos, Net-a-Porter and Red Bull and the growth of print media’s custom content studios like The New York Times’ Brand Studio, Kaldes tells journalists that “brands need you more than ever.”  You can read the full article here.

MMC named one of the Top Places to Work in PR

For the second year in a row, MMC has been named a “Top Place to Work in PR”  by PR News.

In the award submission to PR News, MMC stressed its commitment to creating a culture that allows world class talent to excel and motivates MMC staff to approach every challenge with a “can do” spirit.

This award adds to the eight nominations MMC received last week from PR News for the Platinum Awards for client work, in many marketing, influencer and social media categories.

Andrea Fassacesia named to PRWeek’s 40 Under 40

Andrea Fassacesia photo

MMC is delighted to announce that Andrea Fassacesia, MMC’s Senior Vice President, HWB Media Specialist, has been named to the PRWeek 40 Under 40.  Andrea joins an elite group of dynamic individuals under the age of 40 who are leading the charge for the next generation of communicators. She will be honored at a PRWeek dinner on September 16th.

Andrea, who joined MMC last year as a vice president, was selected for her understanding of what it takes to craft a “must cover” healthcare story and deliver clients’ messaging in top-tier media.  She credits her background in account management to helping her understand overall client business goals, placing them at higher priority than her relationships with top-tier media. “If I feel a story angle isn’t newsworthy,” she says, “I always find ways to re-shape it. Clients and the account team should never have to ask me how to reshape a story; I always want to have the answer before they ask.” Andrea has also been a key player on many MMC Health & Well-Being new business pitch teams, including two in the last week.

This is the second year in a row that an MMC staffer has been selected for this award.  Last year, Samara Finn, SVP of social media strategy, was honored for her expertise in harnessing the power of online influencers for MMC clients.

MMC COVERGIRL Team Nails Second Gold CLIO with Agency Partners


Image Courtesty of Boomerang LLC

The MMC COVERGIRL team with agency partners Boomerang, Grey, Starcom and United Entertainment Group was awarded a GOLD CLIO Sports Award for Best Integrated Campaign Category for its support of the NFL #FANICURE partnership. You can see submission and details here, which includes results of MMC’s social media support of the campaign.

CLIO Sports Awards, an extension of the CLIO Awards, honors breakthrough work in sports marketing and advertising globally.

MMC and Ketchum Win CLIO Sports Gold

Image courtesy of CLIO Sports Awards

MMC and Ketchum (MMK) were awarded a CLIO Sports Gold Award for the team’s work on Procter and Gamble’s sponsorship of the Winter Olympics.  Clio Sports Awards, an extension of the Clio Awards, honors breakthrough work in sports marketing and advertising globally.

MMK, supporting P&G’s Proud Sponsor of Moms campaign, made the connection between P&G brands and athletes’ moms intuitive, making P&G’s role with athletes and moms an inescapable, universally accepted part of the global Olympic conversation and preparing audiences for the powerful message of the ad campaign. The MMK team generated 25 billion global impressions connecting moms to the P&G family of brands and delivering a huge return in purchase intent.

For a full list of CLIO Sports Award winners, click here.

A Friendly Reminder to be Insta-Smart about Insta-Posting

Axelle Despiegelaere world cup model

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

In 2014, “overnight-sensations” have evolved to “insta-sensations” thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… the list goes on. “Insta-sensations” can also instantly disappear as we saw just a few hours ago with photogenic Belgian teen, Axelle Despiegelaere. (Business Insider)

Just this past Tuesday, Despiegelaere was offered a contract with L’Oreal after photos of her gorgeous locks went viral at the World Cup. L’Oreal had already released a promotional “hair tutorial” video starring Despiegelaere (which has already gained 2 million news). Today (Friday… a mere 3 days later), Despiegelaere “completed” her contract with L’Oreal after Despiegelaere’s social media history revealed her past interest in hunting which of course conflicts with L’Oreal’s beliefs in no animal testing.

As brand marketers in this “always on” digital age, the idea of crowd sourcing a new brand ambassador stood out as a smart move. At the same time, moving so quickly on such a partnership didn’t leave much time for background checks on Despiegelaere (or anyone for that matter!) to ensure she embodied all that L’Oreal stands for as a leading beauty company. For Despiegelaere and consumers around the world as well as brand marketers such as ourselves, it is a friendly reminder that we need to be mindful of what we’re posting on our social media channels… because anyone and EVERYONE can see it.

At MMC, it’s part of our job to create smart social media guidelines for our brands and their spokespersons (which we always keep in mind for ourselves as well), so here’s what you need to remember – whether you’re a major brand or a college student looking for an internship the next time you post to social media:

  • Do post engaging content; don’t post objectionable content (definitions of objectionable content vary by subject). Whatever your passions might be (in the case of Despiegelaere, she’s a fan of hunting), you should embrace them in your personal time. However, be mindful of posting as your boss or other influentials could be watching and taking note of those actions. As for brands, anything that might irritate your community or rub them the wrong way should be avoided. (Mashable)
  • Do share; just don’t solely rely on privacy settings. Your profile’s private? Great! What is it exactly “private” from? There’s so many nuances to privacy settings these days. Unless you’re 100% certain that what you’re posting is private (because you want to keep it private), keep it private and offline. Brands don’t have the luxury of “private” pages and therefore, must always feel great about the content they’re putting out there. (Mashable)
  • Don’t think you’re not an influencer; everyone can be an influencer. How you show up in real life is just as important as how you show up on social media. One of the top rules of social media is to understand everyone is an influencer. Despiegelaere had great hair at the World Cup and was recognized for it. (PR Daily)

As more social-sharing apps and sites pop up, providing more ways to share, get noticed and go viral, it’s important to remember the basics of social media. You never know, your great hair could land you a spokesperson deal.



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