Blogger Sets out to Find 2012’s Top Commercials Featuring & Marketing to Women

This month, marketing to women blogger Holly Buchanan posted about her quest to find the best marketing to women commercials of 2012. For her search, she first referenced AdWeek’s 10 Best Commercials of 2012 using two criteria:

  1. Features a woman in the leading role
  2. Passes The Buchanan Test for not stereotyping women by portraying them a) outside of the home, b) in a role other than “mother” and c) NOT doing yoga

After a bit of research, Buchanan found it difficult to find commercials that met these two qualifications, especially when looking outside of the beauty or fashion industries. In fact, in AdWeek’s list, only one commercial starred women. Kudos to MMC client P&G for the aforementioned commercial, “P&G’s Best Job in the World.”

Eventually, determined Buchanan was able to identify eight best marketing to women commercials, including one for John Hancock, with women making financial decisions and another for Under Armour, with women participating in a variety of physical activities….including, yoga. Check out the full list here.

Let’s hope that the New Year gives us more options. We’ll be looking for them!

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