I Blinked, We Turned 30

On July 3rd, MMC will celebrate our 30th anniversary.  I’ve been reflecting on how much has changed in those 30 years, when I opened MMC with an IBM Selectric Typewriter on my dining room table and a cutting edge machine that sent facsimiles to people in only six minutes.

Technology has profoundly changed our business.  I wonder how those who predicted that technology would create shorter work hours now feel about the 24/7 world. 

The other key changes are all that the internet has given those of us who work in communications.  The internet has done for PR what network television did for advertising: it has brought our profession to the forefront and we play an increasingly important role in solving clients’ marketing challenges.

Much has also changed at MMC.  Over the last 30 years, we’ve been privileged to work on brands that we’ve helped become iconic.  MMC earned its reputation in marketing to women starting in 1988 when we were awarded COVERGIRL, which we helped take to the next level as a mass-market cosmetics leader, going head-to-head with prestige beauty brands.  I am proud to say COVERGIRL is still one of MMC’s flagship brands today.  In 1994 we launched the Wonderbra, repositioning it from a common lingerie item to a vital fashion accessory.  Wonderbra became the most talked about product in the fashion world and put MMC on the map. 

We started our Health & Well-Being practice in 2004, which has grown exponentially because pharmaceutical marketers saw the value in targeting women as the Chief Medical Officer.  In the last two years, MMC Health & Well-Being has been named Healthcare Agency of the Year and its programs have been honored with a Best Campaign of 2012 and Healthcare Campaign of the Year, among others.  Our most recent milestone was becoming part of the Omnicom family in 2011, which has opened so many opportunities to service clients globally. 

In 2013 the agency is happy, healthy and doing award-winning work.  I’ve often said that my greatest talent is in hiring exceptional people.  It’s those people, MMC-ers past and present, who have made the agency what it is today. And we’ve had the good fortune to work with terrific clients, who have made us their partners and allowed us to do groundbreaking work on their behalf.

So today, I want to thank everyone who has helped us get to this amazing milestone.  Here’s to 30 great years….and many, many more!