Big News as Twitter Partners with Google to Show Tweets in Search Results


(Image Courtesy: Search Engine Land)

In advance of today’s quarterly earnings call, Twitter announced a rather interesting partnership with Google.

According to numerous reports (including this one from Bloomberg), the search giant will soon be given access to Twitter’s “firehose” (aka, the stream of data generated by the platform’s 284+ million users), the result of which will see tweets pushed into search results.


The joining of Twitter and Google is interesting for (at least) four reasons:

  1. It demonstrates just how far Twitter has come in terms of getting its content seen by more people (particularly non-users);
  2. It helps Twitter, a now-public company, further dimensionalize its advertising offerings for brands (and generate more revenue, as a result);
  3. It elevates keywords and the role they play in the optimization of messages (or in this case, tweets)
  4. It increases the importance of Twitter in a brand’s overall search optimization plan

This presents a tremendous opportunity to improve a brand’s position in search by using social listening to recognize native language (aka, the vernacular organically used by people when discussing products, services, categories, etc.) and pair it with brand content that’s truly helpful and valuable.