Barneys and Disney Make PR Magic, Transform Minnie and Friends Into Fashionistas

Barneys and Disney made headlines last week with their newest collaboration, Electric Holiday. The campaign includes Disney-themed holiday windows at Barneys’ flagship store and a short film featuring Disney icons sporting designer garb and prominent figures in the fashion industry. Both were unveiled by Sarah Jessica Parker at Wednesday’s kick-off event.

Media from coveted fashion books to TIME to CBS Interactive took notice, and we did too. Below we’ve outlined why we’re digging the concept.

  • It’s a fun twist for everyone! Celebrities – some more frequently than others – are known to pull off bold fashion statements, making them look like cartoon characters. With an ironic role reversal in this campaign, it’s the characters that are pulling off fashion. It’s catchy. It’s different. It makes you pay attention.
  • Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker is the “face” of the campaign. The SATC series was the ultimate female fantasy, and SJP’s role in it makes her well-suited for the fantasy-themed collab. She’s also known for her outrageously awesome fashion on the show, yet she’s “Disney-approachable.” Remember, she was voted unsexiest woman on the planet by Maxim back in 2008.
  • Beyond fun and fashion, there’s a charitable component. Twenty five percent of sales from the collection will be donated to the American Red Cross.  That’s on top of $2 million The Walt Disney Company pledged to support relief efforts, including $1 million to the Red Cross for immediate relief and an additional $1 million to support Hurricane #Sandy relief efforts. Kudos to them!

Check out the collection here or in selected stores of Barneys New York. Proceeds will continue to be donated to the Red Cross through January 3rd.    

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