Attracting, Engaging and Keeping #Fans Via Social Media

70 percent of consumers trust brand and product recommendations from friends, and half of social media users follow brand pages. But not all consumers are the same, so brands need to tailor their approach to different types of “fans”. This infographic breaks down brand followers and what makes them tick:

  • The casual liker: truly likes and displays appreciation for some (but not all) posts; engage them with new and innovative products and incorporate a call to action. Last year, Clarisonic housed a virtual tour showing customers how to use its latest skin care products on its Facebook page and launched a contest encouraging fans to send in pictures of themselves using their face brush to win a new one.
  • The deal seeker: the name says it all, they’ll endorse the product – but not without getting something in return!; keep the incentives coming. Fresh Brothers, a pizza chain, announces discount codes to Facebook fans to easily track Facebook referrals. Community Coffee, based down south, also regularly offers discounts with promotion codes. The fans appreciate this. “Thanks y’all!”
  • The quiet follower: will read updates if they happen to catch her or his eye without necessarily acting on them by sharing or liking; lure them in with strong and catchy content!  
  • The unhappy customer: doesn’t hold back venting about that bad experience he or she had last week; monitor the page and respond ASAP!
  • The ranter: complains about everything; brands can respond, but keep it cool!
  • The cheerleader: those who like and share it all; make sure the content is good, because the cheerleaders are definitely sharing it.
  • The loyal fan: selective brand enthusiasts; recognize them by extending discounts and positive comments.

What brand posts do you like and share, and why?

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