Apr 15, 2016 Digital Trend Update

News of Note

Twitter may be entering into the food video space. Adam Liaw, Australian celebrity chef, shared a how-to food video that was heavily branded by Twitter, showcasing a blue bird lurking over the chef’s shoulder and a nod to the @TwitterFood handle.  Both @TwitterFood and @TwitterAU retweeted the content leading marketers to believe that the channel is looking to compete with Facebook’s Tasty videos (owned by Buzzfeed).  The channel has yet to comment.

Adam Liaw Twitter Video

Google updated its calendar feature to enable users to program their aspirations for time slots when they do not have work or meetings scheduled.  This feature, named Goals, helps put “the user inside of the machine” by encouraging people to fill their empty time with personal/health goals in a concrete, deadline-based manner.  According to the NYT, “Goals scours the white spaces in a calendar for possible times and maps out a schedule, filling those times with the desired aspiration (exercise, me time, skill building, etc.). Afterward, the goal can be marked completed or not, which helps the algorithm work out a better schedule over time.”

Aetna is one of the first healthcare companies to create a branded Tumblr.  The page is designed with the focus of “Mindfulness: The Practice of Being Present,” focusing on ways consumers can live healthier lives.  The page features a series of GIFs, infographics and images that provide tips to reduce stress, sleep through the night and better manage your personal care.

Snapchat Press Conferences may become the newest trend for brands.  While rolling out its partnership with model and actress, Cara Delevingne, Rimmel London announced that it will hold its first ever “Global Snapchat press conference.” Starting this week, users are able to send questions to Rimmel’s channel using the hashtag #RimmelxCara, which she will select and answer live.

Just for fun…

Looking to get plastic surgery?  Want the surgery to be on Snapchat? Visit Dr. Miami, the plastic surgeon who snapchats his operations in real-time!  Dr. Michael Salzhauer, nicknamed Dr. Miami, snapchats from inside the operating room and provides colorful commentary as well as medical insights during the procedure.  Dr. Miami first became prominent on social media by posting before-and-after images of patients on Instagram.  However, the real-time experience that Snapchat offers has brought his follower growth and business to the next level.  According to Dr. Miami, “I was pretty busy anyway, but now I’m crazy busy. I’m booked until the end of next May. Every single day. It’s like, a thousand people, paid and signed up for surgery for the foreseeable future.”