Analyzing Customer Behavior to Produce Business Results

Brands like Amazon, Netflix, OKCupid, Pandora and Twitter are tracking customers’ online behavior to produce targeted offerings and increase sales. What stats are they looking at and offering as a result, you may ask? This infographic tells all.

  • Amazon – customers’ past purchases, customer ratings and likes, customers’ purchases compared to similar purchases by other customers and items in customers’ virtual shopping carts to suggest products
  • Netflix – users’ ratings on movies and TV shows to create additional movie, TV show and genre recos
  • OKCupid – user responses, ratings of each other and profile keywords to match them up with each other
  • Pandora – users’ ratings of individual songs, artists or genres to create new music recos
  • Twitter – users’ connections and the websites they visit (based on ones they’ve “followed” or “tweeted” from) to reco new connections


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