8 Ways Interviewing is Like Dating

By: Katie Marenghi

As a part of the MMC Summer Internship, I attended the 2015 DAS/Omnicom Intern Enrichment Program, a conference for current PR interns to learn and network. The program included tips from former recruiting director Jeff Hiller from JobBound on how to stand out –for the right reasons- in a large applicant pool as we all continue our career search.

Jeff reminded us that an interview goes both ways; obviously as a young PR professional in a competitive job market it’s easy to remember that the agency wants to be selective, but we should also make sure that the company is a good fit for us. That struck a chord with me, since there’s another common scenario in which we’re so eager to please, we almost forget to be picky in our own right. I pulled out my sketchpad as Jeff talked, and found out that interviewing and dating have more in common than I’d thought.

Photo Credit: Katie Marenghi