5 Signs You’re Suffering From “The Kate Effect”

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Baby Prince George’s mum Kate Middleton has done wonders raising visibility for select brands, and even certain aspects of motherhood. Do you look to the Duchess of Cambridge – now Princess – with a close eye for inspiration for fashion, jewelry or maternity? Have you purchased an L.K. Bennett bag recently? Then you may be suffering from “The Kate Effect”. Here are some other signs:

  • You’re the first one on line today at Banana Republic for the release of its 40-piece collaboration with Issa London, including an imitation of Kate’s “royal” blue engagement dress.
  • You’re begging your significant other for a personalized brooch for your next anniversary, birthday, any holiday – you name it.
  • You just gave birth, have a few extra pounds and are flaunting it! Thanks Kate, for showing the world what pregnancy looks like before and after for all women, even celebs.
  • You’re pro-breastfeeding. It offers health benefits, cost savings, an opportunity for mum to bond with her baby – and now, is even fit for a Princess.

Have you let “The Kate Effect” “rule”? Don’t be shy, you’re not alone!